Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 March 2010

Hello again to whomever might stumble across my rantings and my 2 followers (thanks guys, you make me feel special). It’s been a long time since I've last ranted. I've just been caught up with everyday endeavors of life I guess. I haven't even read my email in weeks! Thanks to my brother nagging me to upload some pictures onto his facebook, I've finally logged on to the net and here I am.

Firstly, the promised report back on the New Moon party. What can I say to adequately describe such an event? Hmmm... Well, I'm Goth at heart and a major fan of vampire folklore so I had certain expectations of the event. I eagerly awaited the day, arranged leave from work, booked an expensive hotel and generally spent a small fortune in plane tickets assuming that it would be worth every single hard-earned cent for this 'never-to-be-forgotten' moment in time. Carpe diem and all that. Well, what I got was a really lame party. No one was dressed to theme except for a few cast member look-alikes who didn't look much like the cast at all, bimbo waitresses who could have been from the local Hooters handing out bad seafood appetizers, 80's pop music (at a vampire party... wtf?!!!) and I mean, they even were doing fake tattoos as if it was a kiddy's party. No dancing, no dark gothic music, no dark gothic crowd. Just 'barbie' people getting drunk. The bar was also only serving one drink. I mean really? One drink? No options! My boyfriend and I stayed for all of one hour before going back to the hotel, watching a lame horror movie and passing out from the sheer exhaustion of walking around Sandton all day. I could have stayed at home to watch a lame horror movie on TV with my boyfriend. I should have stayed in Durban and rather bought myself a few pairs of hot Iron fist heels with that money. Oh well, at least I won't have to wonder what if. I've had the experience and it is over and I got to spend some quality time with my best friend and even do a bit of shopping.

Moving on, I finally won my dispute against the Department of Education and have been made a permanent educator. To celebrate, I will provide lunch for the staff of my new school. It's about time I start making friends there. I tend to be too much of a loner which leaves me feeling, well lonely. In the same breathe, I don't relate to anyone at my new work place. They are all older than me and married with children. I miss my friends at my old school. Those were good times. I miss my old students. They were my babies. I don't like change. I REALLY miss my varsity and school friends. Without them, I don't really know who I am anymore. I often escape into my books. I recently read 'My Sister's Keeper' and I hated it! If you ever read it, you'd understand why. Worse still, I read it when I had major PMS and cried for an hour after the last chapter. You would have thought my puppy had died if you had seen me. I was devastated! I get too wrapped up in the lives of the characters that I read. I love reading. I'm such an addict. I am reading 'Under a Blood Red Sky' at the moment. The storyline is slow to develop but really good once it does. After that I have the 'House of Night' series waiting for me. I can't wait for the release of 'Strange Fate' by L.J. Smith. It's the last book in the 'Night World' series and all her fans have been waiting years for its release. Only four months more...

I know, I'm an addict, I have a problem. I love books. You would not believe how many books I buy a year. I try to save by trawling through second-hand book stores and I've even found a few treasures there. I specifically look for vampire books. So, if anyone has vampire books that they don't want, feel free to donate them to me. I will cover the cost of delivery from any South African destination. Yeah right... who just gives away books? I wish. See, my inner addict!

Moving on, had a sad week last week. Some of my students found a baby bird trapped in a gutter with no nest in sight. It would have died or been trampled so they brought it to me. I hand fed it every two hours, gave it a clean cage, plenty of reiki and love and then on Friday night, I put it to bed as always, covered it's cage and that night when I went to check on it, it was dead. Just like that. It broke my heart because it was doing so well. I blame myself. Was there something more I could have done to save it? I loved that little bird. I just wanted it to be strong enough and eating by itself so I could set it free but it just died. My heart is so broken. I cried and this time, no irrational PMS. Rest in peace my little Tweet Tweet. The kids will be so sad when I tell them tomorrow. They also became so attached to it. It was a little bit of sunshine that lightened each day. Maybe I should get a class pet for them but do I really want the extra responsibility? My bearded dragon Lestat is already a lot of responsibility. Will the children even appreciate the gesture? I doubt it. I wonder why I ever became a teacher. Forgotten dreams... We all have them, lingering in our pasts, an ever present reminder of what could have been. We all have to settle into real life eventually. We give in to responsibility and become mindless worker bees slaving to satisfy our queens (taxes, car payments, insurance, medical aid, etc.). I'm approaching a quarter-life crisis and am so dissatisfied with where I am right now. I could go on but I think I'll save it for another rant.

Alas, that brings me to the end of today's blog. Feel free to comment, share, add, etc. I hope that this has been entertaining reading.