Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 August 2010

I'm sitting at work and it’s approximately 12:30. The children were sent home early because the majority of the staff is attending a peaceful march. There's a strike looming on the horizon and the march is just the first step because the government is just not agreeing to our request for a much-deserved salary increase. So pretty much, the school is semi-deserted... few staff, no children and that leaves me bored. To alleviate said boredom, here I am, writing a blog after an absence of several months.

The first thing I did was to read through my previous blogs so I guess that first I'll report back on what has happened since. Firstly, I have stuck to barely any of my resolutions but isn't that the point of resolutions? We all set unrealistic goals but never actually accomplish them. Well, I am not eating healthy (my lunch involved a quarter super peri chicken and Portuguese roll from Barcelos… yummy!) and I am most definitely NOT exercising. Thus I have lost no weight whatsoever, in fact I think I may have gained a bit and I'm not happy at all about it. My sister is pregnant at the moment and my niece will arrive in a few days. We plan on joining the gym next year and motivating each other to gain back our high school figures. (More unrealistic goals.) I would also like to take up belly dancing. I know a few people who do it and it seems like a totally fun way to get in shape. I love dancing!!! I used to do tap, Spanish, modern and even a little ballet, Latin and ballroom dancing when I was younger (and fitter) and I'm completely passionate about dance but sadly an ankle injury or rather several ankle injuries when I was 14 ended my dream of being a dancer/dance teacher. Life went on but that passion never faded. I'm hoping that one day I can convince my boyfriend into joining me for some Latin and ballroom lessons but I doubt it, my baby is a ‘macho man’ kinda guy. My love for dancing probably explains my current 'obsession' as my boyfriend terms it. He's probably right. I am totally fascinated by a dancer named Dharmesh Yelande from ZTV’s Dance India Dance. I guess watching him dance reminds me of that long forgotten dream and the fact that he's easy on the eyes doesn't hurt but honest to God, he has nothing on my baby. There’s only one man for me and that is my boyfriend. I love you baby! Mwah!

Secondly, I really suck at the whole saving thing. I loaded up my accounts buying school uniforms for my ‘son’, stationery, hard drives, etc. and then there was the expenses associated with that vampire-themed party and then when I found out my sister was pregnant I made sure I splurged to spoil my soon-to-be niece and gave my sister an unforgettable baby shower so all in all, not much saving was done. Right now, it’s more like settling off my accounts and then next year I'll have to work on savings.

At least I did stick to some of my resolutions. I registered to do my Honours degree in Education but I have been slacking in that department. I seriously need to be a bit more dedicated to my studies. It sucks though. I’m the kind of person who flourishes in the lecture situation and self-study/distance learning is just not for me. I guess that I’ll just have to persevere and hope that I get through. I’m definitely doing my Masters degree at an actual university. I have no idea how my sister does it, she is so disciplined. Respect sister! Another resolution that I have kind of stuck to is taking better care of myself and dressing for me. I hardly look like Audrey Hepburn but I’m comfortable in what I do wear. I have my black nail polish back. So what if it’s a little goth? It’s me. I do need to do something about my hair though. My boyfriend’s aunt is a fantastic hairdresser. I need to make an appointment. I also started using eye cream. My gran is flawless for a woman her age. She could pass for my mother. Her best beauty advice is to take care of your skin so I make sure I cleanse, don’t sleep with make-up on, moisturize and started using eye cream as soon as I turned 25. If I age half as gracefully as she did, I’ll be happy. My gran is smoking hot!

Speaking of which, yes, I am now 25. I have officially hit the quarter-life crisis and yes, I’ll still comparing myself to other people’s achievements and finding myself lacking but I’m sure that someone out there thinks that my life is pretty brilliant so I shouldn’t complain. I had an absolutely fantastic birthday. I brought a cake in for the staff at work, and then spent a quiet day with my family and boyfriend. It was the perfect birthday! My boyfriend completely spoilt me with a 10mega-pixel digital camera. Another one of my interests is nature photography. I can’t wait to get started. So far I’ve only used it for family photos.

I am starting to love my job by the way. I feel like I have finally settled in at my new school. I got to know the people here, I don’t hide behind my books anymore (although I still read everything in sight) and I feel really comfortable here. The staff here is absolutely wonderful. I’ll even admit (grudgingly) that I really like some of my students. I guess that change can sometimes be a good thing. Anyway that’s it for now. School is closing early and I need to log off. Much love everyone (especially to my boyfriend).

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